William Hill Estate North Coast Sauvignon Blanc offers layers of ripe citrus fruits, including Meyer lemon, ruby grapefruit and exotic Kaffir lime. These flavors meld with rich notes of lychee, passion fruit and a touch of pineapple. A full, round mouthfeel leads the way to a refreshingly crisp finish. Price: $14.99
Our William Hill Estate North Coast Chardonnay offers aromas and flavors of ripe tree fruit, underscored by hints of brown spice, citrus and tropical fruit. Hailing mostly from Sonoma and Solano, with a touch of fruit from Mendocino, this well-integrated wine has excellent acidity and a creamy mouthfeel.
Our William Hill Estate North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon has a rich palate of dark fruit flavors, with subtle hints of caramel and cocoa. The Sonoma and Napa fruit gave this wine its ripe blackberry and black cherry flavors, while the grapes from Lake and Mendocino brought tremendous structure and presence to the blend. This Cabernet, which was blended with a touch of Merlot to round out the mouthfeel, will reveal more complex layers with time in the bottle.
Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc embodies the quintessential Marlborough style – full-flavored and medium-bodied with notes of peach, gooseberry and ripe tropical fruit. Showcasing a brilliant straw color, this elegant wine refreshes the palate with a long, clean finish.
A wonderful red that doesn't lean too heavy on the current blend-trends. It is medium body but has plenty of character and is a perfect substitute for those who are tired of the Apothic series.
Stranahans Colorado Whiskey is one of the first of it's kind in the Nashville market, and Frugal MacDoogal is proud to be one of the first to bring on this Single Barrel.   750ml $47.99
Come try all four of these delicious, Colorado ciders. Wether its Apple, Pear, Bourbon or Sarsaperilla  Vanilla, we've got you covered.    
This straw-colored Sauv Blanc is perfect for warm weather drinking. Lite citrus and minerality make it supremely well suited for any of your Summer or Fall occasions.  
Silver Beach Sauv Blanc is a great value for fans of Kim Crawford or White Haven. This Inland Sauv Blanc is a fine balance between tropical fruit and a crisp/ dry mouthfeel.
The only Rum to be officially sanctioned by the estate of Ernest Hemingway (Given his nickname and the name of his boat), Papa's Pilar Dark Rum is smooth and rich while still giving you plenty of spice to meditate on. - $34.99
The Madison Ridge Chardonnay is produced in South Eastern Australia, this Chardonnay displays aromas of tropical fruits and citrus with just a hint of oak. Rich flavors of peaches, pears and crisp apples followed by a clean, crisp finish make this wine a great companion to white meats, seafood and salads.
Rich cherry and subtle herbal notes balance out this Sonoma Cabernet. Great with grilled meats and sharp cheese.   $13.99
A very well balanced Prosecco at $14.99. The citrus notes are complimented by low residual sugar and effervescence.
Soft tropical fruit notes complimented by rich oak. Serve just below room temperature for the best results.
Spice and rich dark fruit are the stars of this Cabernet, but it finishes with a surprising amount of smooth oak and vanilla.  
One of our favorite Nashville Breweries has proven that they 'Ain't afraid of no Gose' with their newest addition. $9.99
Our Barrel Series continues with maybe the best yet. George Dickel Barrel Select was hand picked by our Bourbon Manager, Myles Murphy and is as rich and complex as the it appears in the glass. $46.99
Though Argentina has only recently been making a name for itself as a producer of this varietal, El Negotiante has brought us a lite and minerally pinot that is reminiscent of the old world.   $9.99
With bold and spicy tannins yet a subtle and smooth finish, it's no wonder why this Malbec is the flagship of the El Negotiante line.   $9.99
Containing The Vienna Lager, The Tropical Thunder Citrus Wheat, The Space Fruit Pale Ale, The Hot Shot IPA, The Apple-Achian Pie Stout, and Ale of Two Cities, this pack truly has something for any adventure, whether it be of the spirit or palate. $18.99
Stick your nose into this farmhouse ale and there is no mistaking that it was brewed with lemongrass. Starts out tart and fresh and finishes clean and complex.    
Frugal Macdoogal's personal Barrel-blend is something that we are proud to sell. Hand picked by our Bourbon Manager Myles Murphy for it's distinct flavors of Locust Wood and it's smooth finish, this has been a customer favorite.   $45.99
We've recently added the whole line of summer Lambiks. Come try em all! Nayaux: $33.99 Kriek: $2599 Figaro Ale: $33.99 Blueberry: $25.99 Apricot: $25.99 Strawberry: $25.99
For fans of all things Candy Bar, this Stout offers plenty of safe refuge. From the caramel and peanut-butter nose to the cocoa and toffee on the palate, this is the beer for you.   $12.49
The Calumet Farm Bourbon has a dry, floral nose that leads to plenty of heat and candy on the palate. A great bourbon for infusing apples or cinnamon. - $44.99
The folks at Belle Meade have brought their Cognac, and Sherry Cask as-well-as their Straight Whiskey. Cognac: $74.99 Sherry: $74.99 Regular: $58.99
A light blonde ale from Santa Rosa Beach Florida. Perfect for relaxing on a hot Nashville summer day.
On the nose you'll get plenty of honey and spice, the latter hinting at the high rye content of this Kentucky Bourbon. The follow through on the palate is a nice surprise, not overpowering, but dryer than you would expect. - $24.99